For whom is MIX 2.0?

If you use Excel, you can use MIX 2.0 #

MIX 2.0 is extremely user-friendly and anyone with some experience in Excel can operate the software. The interface layout is such that, if you go from left to right and top to bottom, you will perform a meta-analysis in a logical step-wise fashion from exploration, synthesis, to evaluation. This means that if you are new to meta-analysis or perhaps not a hardcore statistician, you can still perform a thorough meta-analysis by following the layout of the interface.

You’ll need Windows #

MIX 2.0 uses Excel as a home for its interface (in the ribbon) and its calculation engine, but a lot of its features were programmed in Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications. This means you must be able to run Excel 2007 or later in Microsoft Windows, 32 bit or 64 bit. MIX 2.0 does not work on a Mac operating system nor on Linux.

Lite for learners and Pro for analysts #

MIX 2.0 is unlike any other software in terms of its interface and features. The free Lite version is specifically meant for educational purposes and provides all the advanced features of the Pro version but only on built-in datasets. The paid Pro version enables the import and export features so analysts can create and edit their own datasets and save their analysis results.