How do I activate MIX 2.0 Pro?


Once you have downloaded and started the software, click on the ‘About’ button in the ‘Help’ ribbon group and then click ‘Activation and updates’. Follow the steps in the activation dialog (you will need to enter your license code). Please note that the software cannot be activated without an active internet connection. You can activate MIX 2.0 Pro on two computers. To use MIX 2.0 Pro on more than two computers simultaneously, you will have to purchase an additional license. As of version 2.015 (December 2016), MIX 2.0 is activated and deactivated via a new process and uses new license codes. If you purchased MIX 2.0 Pro before December 2016, you can use your old license code as a coupon to reduce a new license to $0.00 and transfer your license for free.

Leon Bax

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