I purchased MIX before December 2016 and updated recently. I seem unable to activate. What is wrong?

As of version 2.015, MIX 2.0 Pro uses new license activation technology and a new license code system. The old license codes purchased before December 2015 are no longer valid and therefore the activation does not work. As an existing user, you can get a free license transfer. This is completely automated. Simply add a new license to your cart of the MIX 2.0 website (a license that corresponds to your old license, e.g. standard, academic, student, etc) and use your old license code as a coupon code for this purchase. This will reduce the price of the license to $0. Upon completion, you will be sent a new license code that can be used to activate the versions of MIX after December 2016.

Please be aware that your license can only be used once as a coupon code and will be void after this single use. The coupon’s discount is for one license only. If you cannot provide a valid license code, we cannot provide you with a license transfer and you will have to purchase a new license.

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