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The MIX 2.0 Pro license is available in a standard and academic version. The academic version is discounted for academic researchers and students.

All licenses give the user rights to install and activate MIX 2.0 Pro on two computers and updates are available for 2 years. Check the End User License Agreements (EULAs) for license details.


Discounted license purchases

Standard license purchases are approved in our payment system immediately. However, when you purchase a discounted license (an academic license for students) the purchase will be pending in our system until we have verified that you have uploaded proof of your current (student or staff) affiliation with the academic institution (e.g. a scanned copy of your student or staff ID card, a scanned copy of a letter from the institution’s administrative office, or the URL of a page on the institution’s website showing your affiliation) during your checkout. Failing to do so during checkout will result in delay of the completion of your order or cancellation if you cannot provide us with proof of affiliation by other means.

NB: All license that are purchased online are for personal use and are personal licenses. These licenses cannot be used for academic purposes on general computers in a lab. For general-use-academic licenses, please contact us directly for special purchases and bulk discounts. See our EULA for details.