Leon Bax

Leon Bax, PhD

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Leon Bax is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at BiostatXL and has overseen the development and maintenance of MIX 2.0 and the MIX 2.0 website for over 10 years.

Short biography

Leon was born in the Netherlands and went to the Gymnasium Camphusianum in Gorinchem to receive his pre-university education. He spent one year studying and playing Division I tennis at the University of Texas in San Antonio. After that, he continued his education in the Netherlands and became a Physical Therapist. He received a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Leuven and another Master’s Degree in Clinical Epidemiology from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Eventually, he stopped working as a clinical physical therapist altogether and became a researcher, focusing on research methodology and statistics. He received his PhD in Clinical Epidemiology from the Medical School of the University of Utrecht. He also spent some time doing research in Japan and received a PhD in Medical Informatics from the Kitasato University School of Medicine. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers in medical journals, many in the area of meta-analysis. Leon continues to direct the development of MIX 2.0 as founder and chief scientific officer at BiostatXL. He is also Director of Consulting Services at Certara and one of the drivers of the model-based meta-analysis projects of this biosimulation company. When he is not behind his computer, Leon likes to be active and is involved in tennis, aikido, iaido, running, fitness, and (last but not least) mind-body training and meditation.